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BIGBANG__Loser MV Solo Clip: T.O.P
Omgerrrrrrrrddd......his stare is so intense.....I can't even. So please excuse me while I fangirl excessively.
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@PassTheSuga Thanks but I would also really like to hear your interpretation of this video the story its just a bit unclear.
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Ahh man I thought the video would have more detail and storyline but I still love bigbang.
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The story is about TOP, trying to end the obsessions he had in his life. He tried to keep them under control like wrapping his whole house in plastic but then he couldn't cause people from outside invade and he ends up losing control and hurting the outside people that are trying to help him.
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@waterthefish Thanks ☺
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@sherrysahar I did a review of the MV when it came out here http://www.vingle.net/posts/831156?shsrc=v I'm pretty sure my interpretation wasn't that far off.
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