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fear falls hard
on the battleground for peace

its defeat
its legacy
nothing but a lie

weak fear

strong peace

universal truth
it tells of your awesomeness

no fear
know peace

your universe
your rules
rewrite them and turn the pages of your life

be a change agent
and change everything

from the
darkness of

to the
light of

and make your life
your canvas
with the doors of your past
painted shut

and keep flying
keep flying
Author Notes
UN BULLY ~ D James Breaux

The act of bullying doesn't define who you are or what you are. You're future does. And it's path is certain & bold. And it awaits you with arms wide open. And the really #Awesome news?? starts right here ~ right now. Today.

And like your friend and mine, Brian Head Welch, lead guitarist of the band KoRn says, the feelings you are having will not last, they will not last, they will go away.

Because fear is nothing but a lie. So go ahead and laugh in its face ~ right here ~ right now. Today. And watch its stranglehold begin to crumble & weaken tomorrow .

Here's how. Instead of waking up every morning & dreading the day & filling your mind with negative thoughts of how you don't want to face the day, try programming your mind to automatically condition your thinking and guide your footsteps through the day, leading you on a path of positive vibes that will instantly change your outlook, your actions, and the way you feel. How exactly do you do that?? I'll tell you in a second.

Our human mind possesses enormous strength which we aren't even aware of, and YOU can tap into that strength, starting right here ~ right now. Today. Make it your goal to overcome fear's lies. Here's how > you can take ownership of your day and make each & every day yours > by repeating these positive daily affirmations every day > first thing > when your eyes open in the morning > before your feet even hit the ground....

> #Im Awesome
> #ImNotAVictimImAnOvercomer
> #TodayIsGoingToBeAnAwesomeDay

> repeat 3x, and mean it, do it with conviction as if it is the reality from deep within your heart and soul that you know ia true.
> then > keep going back to them throughout the day > every day > and you will automatically set yourself on a course destined for success > on the road to overcoming the masquerade of fear's lies > with something as simple (yet powerful) as positive affirmations, you can instantly set yourself on a different path > a bold path > a fresh new vibrant path > a YOU path > each and every day > starting first thing in the morning > when you first wake up > before your feet even hit the floor. There it is.

And then, after you start day 1 > keep this in your pocket > and on day 2 > it'll keep you going & get you through any temporary obstacles throughout the day that may 'try' to get in your way & distract you from your ultimate goal of ~ overcoming ~ keep this in your pocket, for those moments when you need that extrahuman YOU brand of strength to keep you on track.

Now go, make each moment count, never forget the goal, and never forget who & what you are ~ #Awesome ~ GO AHEAD AND SAY IT ~ #ImAwesome ~ WHAT ARE YOU?? #ImAwesome ~ AGAIN WITH FEELING ~ #ImAwesome ~ LOUDER ~ #IMAWESOME!! ~ ONCE MORE ~ #IMAWESOME!!!!!! ~ Good.

> "Seize the time....Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again." ~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Federation Starship USS Enterprise

> "Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Carl Bard

> "Self harm or suicide is never the answer. Don't let the haters win." ~ KoRn
Brian "Head" Welch, lead guitarist from the band KoRn shares his stories about bullying.

> FAREWELL BROKEN ~ D. James Breaux


You never fail to impress me with your inspiration, or your work!
You are #awesome ;)