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My husband has some of the worst allergies of anyone I know. Claritin has been a necessity at my house for years. Until now. He has found an all-natural remedy and no longer needs Claritin! Sometimes he rolls this homemade mixture on and most days I make capsules with these oils and he takes them internally. You know it must be working when he asks me to make "that pill" for him everyday...yay to no allergies and a healthy husband!
Young Living Oils has so much more to offer. If you have any interest in ordering a Premium Starter Kit and receiving a 24% discount, use this link. Choose (Wholesale) Member and the Premium Starter Kit (USD150). Send me a message if you have any questions!!! I promise, you will love them!!
They have tons of citrus oils as well that you can put in your water, beer, any type of drink. Makes them extra yummy!
I used lemon, lavender, and peppermint all from Young Living. It's also great because you can ingest these oils which helps get them into your system faster!
what essentials did u use?