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Last time, JW doubt cleaning woman as criminal. Tracking her, he came to go into her home and was attacked by her. What gonna happen to JW? O.o She checks JW's message. It's from his colleague, 'JW! Catch her! Her daughter died 5 yrs ago after being invaded sexually..!' After checking it, she says alone "What did I say? I told you it's tough world so u have to be careful.." In the meanwhile, policers detected something's wrong and something bad happened to JW. They starts to find him. JW wakes up and the cleaning women comes in. "You've done well. U should have be patient for a few days. Then I'd runaway silently. My daughter died..so I can't see again..but at least u saw SY.." JW says "Plz let me hear her voice.." She let JW to call to Joi. "Hey, I'm JW. Do you remember your home and broken streetlamp in the street? I miss you.." Then the phone is hang off. Joi feels kind of emergency so calls to his phone. Then JW's colleague gets it. Joi says "I took a phone from JW. He said it's away 15 walks from the broken streetlamp.." Policers starts to find the houses near the broken steamlamp. And Joi wanna go out to see what happened to JW. But Harry stops her, saying "What are you gonna do there?" Joi says "They say JW was kidnapped! Do you know how does it feel? I have to go.." He says "Ok..go..I understand u behave like this because of your trauma. Go and tries to forget him slowly. I can help you..U're not 15 years old no more. I will be in car beforehand." President TJ is searching information about Harry and Joi. JW's sister says him "JW is in emergency. He was kidnapped chasing criminal..!" But TJ says "I don't need son who doesn't follow me. Go to ur room!" In the meanwhile, policers finally found JW. He's lying. They notices he took a drug so calls 911. Joi arrived there to see if JW is fine. Seeing him carried by ambulence, Joi doesn't take her eye off and Harry feels desperated and envious about it. Joi is in JW's hospital ward worrying of him. JW suddenly come out, naked half and Joi gets surprised. JW says to Harry "Thank you yesterday.." Harry says "U seems u wouldn't believe even if I says Joi is not SY. Btw even if u found her, if SY doesn't wanna come back, then would u still wanna see her?" JW says "Of course. I have to ask him directly if she wanna come back or it's only ur saying that she doesn't wanna." Harry says "If I were you, I'd never runaway alone. I never leave Joi behind." JW says "I know I did wrong. That's why I wanna find her and spends all my life for her." Joi wanna say sth to Harry, but he doesn't wanna to talk. "I think we would fight if we talk now. We've never fought for 14 yrs..and I don't wanna do for the first time because of JW." Harry calls to secretary Mon "Did you get record of TJ's secret fund? The more times it takes, the less money u will get from me." Harry is chatting with someone. He types 'Let's finish work ASAP. Joi wanna go back to JW.' Then his friend says 'Be calm. Think about the moment when JW catches TJ.' Policers comes to know that the cleaning women's daughter was invaded sexually by two guys. One of them was caught but another got free. The another guy came back to Korea from foriegn country and she kidnaps him. JW tries to stop him but he fails and she kills the guy. In front of journalists, she says "My daughter died..They did not only assulted sexually but murdered her." Joi is crying seeing the news and gets JW's message. 'I took real criminal..but I feel heartache..I just feel thankful about the fact u're alive..' She cries seeing it, then Harry comes in suddenly. He says "I really don't know what do I have to do to you. I can't get angry..I won't waste time talking about JW. To be honest, I felt envious..Just forget it. Forget all the moment when I got angry of you. I can't live without you..I realize it every single day. I'll be back soon." Suddenly TJ's wife vists Harry's home. She says to Joi "I wanted to ask how do you know JW. Don't be friend with him..Do you know he's my son that ran away from home because of a girl?" Joi gets surprised, hearing it. In the meanwhile, Harry meets his lawyer. "Now Joi can go out from France, right? And did you prepared two hundreds billion dollar?" At that night, secretary Mon steals record of TJ's secret fund and changes it with two billion dollar Harry prepared. But TJ notices it and tries to catch Mon. After getting the money, he sends a message to JW. 'When get this msg, I won't be in Korea..' The cleaning women is subjected to an examination. "Where's JW? I wanna talk with him", she says. SY's mom visits JW's office, packing his things. "Go back to your home..The guys already died so stop finding her." JW says "No, I can't.' But she says "Plz leave me..I don't wanna see you. You continually reminds me of SY.." But he refuses, "No..! I don't wanna.. I will wait until SY come back. Didn't u know that I'm crazy? I'm crazy and man..Ppl said man should wait..If I could forget her, I would do ealier. If I makes u think of her, think. I can handle all ur pain." Then SY's mom says "SY said she doesn't wanna..! she doesn't wanna live as Lee Soo Yeon..! I'm so sorry...Plz let her go..Ppl doesn't know about her past anymore...I wanna let her be free of the terrible past..." Seeing it behind, Joi cries.. SY's mom visit the cleaning women. "I feel weird..Even if I'm caught, I feel calm.." SY's mom cries, saying "I should not feel this way...but thank you so much...I feel so sorry..It seems like u killed him and was caught instead of me..." In his office, JW is looking his and SY's uniforms, and SY is watching it. Seeing SY's name tag, JW calls her name alone. It makes SY remind of the childhood memories with JW. Then alarm rings on JW and SY's phone. JW says "SY..you don't like SY that much..?" He knows Joi is there. SY gets surpirsed and runs away. Chasing her, JW cries "You don't like SY that much?! You don't want me to wait?" SY doesn't answer and he hugs her. "SY..you don't want me to wait..? Don't see me..You feel hurt when u see me...SY..." Preview of Ep.12) JW says "I will forget SY from now on." In the meanwhile, Harry prepares to revenge TJ. "Welcome to the heaven, TJ", he says. As times goes by, Joi feels more affection toward JW. She says to Harry. "I'm sorry.." But he begs, saying "Plz do not go anywhere." JW says "I like SY the most.."
wow.. love this ep... thank you njkim.. so excited for tonight...^^
@njkim wee thank you!
@johanraven7 Harry's mom died when he was young. TJ killed her to take off her money but he failed. He was going to kill Harry and tooks off money from him. That's why Harry ran away abroad. :)
@iseebluepeople Oh I didn't think about it..! Wow..it looks so..!
@yuniyuni hmm..you can't just say she's bad person. You know she revenged the two guys for her daughter. After killing SD, she was planning to kill another guy but JW noticed she's real criminal. She didn't wanna attack JW but she had to for her next plan. U know..she can't do as planned if caughted by JW..
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