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First I would just like to confess I don't workout
please don't judge me But I really appreciate the people that do I think they are just greatttt
so much better then me hahas :p
so not to disappoint them here is the list hope they will like it
I m keeping my fingers crossed
Taeyang (Ringa Linga)
4 Minute (Crazy)
Secret (Yoohoo)
4minute (volume Up)
Bap (We got the power) I think this song this song is perfect for the motivation to get through some hardcore exercise
Vixx (Rock your Body)
2ne1 (Dont Stop the music)
Block B (Have a nice Day) This song is great if you are into Morning Exercise to start your day smoothly with this song
Enjoy Everyone hope you all like it
Keep working out Everyone :)
All videos credit to its actual owner
this is great!
This is an awesome list! I would most definietly use this playlist. :D
I use a few of these songs when I workout too, great job :)
I use Jump, Ringa Linga, Crazy, and Volume up when working out.....I haven't tried the others...I'll give them a go :) Thanks for sharing!!!
Love this playlist :)
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