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Honeybees, Monarch butterflies and other pollinators are struggling in the US, and the government has promised to make changes that will fix it (hoping to reduce the honey bee colony losses to no more than 15% within ten years and increase the Eastern monarch butterfly population to 225 million by 2020).

But will that be enough?

This video shows the time-lapse of bees from larvae into bees, and shows just how complex the process of bees is. The artist who made the video said that he didn't realize how hard beekeeping was before this.
The U.S. government only cares because these bees mean loss of dollars in the future. We need to make a better change if we actually want to save the bees! People don't realize just how important pollinators are to keeping our ecosystem alive and well.
How can we fix this problem?
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Is it a problem that can even be fixed at this point? Really? Do we really think it will be fixed?