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I'm not very good with make-up. I enjoy it, but I never use it as the main focus of a look as some people, who are more into make-up than I am, do. I like a bit of makeup to compliment whatever I'm wearing. And so the make-up that I do use, I like it to be easy. Urban Decay's Naked Palette was hyped about so much this year. The palette contains twelve extremely pigmented shades that are easy to use and create a "natural" looking eye with. They brought out a Naked Palette 2 a while ago, but I think the original is better. When I was with a good friend in Sephora a while ago, I showed her the Naked Palette, and she laughed saying that Urban Decay was a childish brand. I believe a lot of people had the impression of Urban Decay marketing to a younger audience, but with the Naked Palette they placed themselves with the top makeup brands. I know many people, like myself, will probably never purchase another palette again because this is so easy to use. Not to mention the packaging is perfect; very sleek and thin and fits right into the slim drawers of my MUJI acrylic case. And as much as girls don't like to admit... I'm a girl I like pretty packaging and I love the velvet case. The palette now comes with the Urban Decay primer potion which is great, and a brush that works really well. If you're not into super statement eyes then I suggest you look into this palette, it can give a wide range of looks without being too strong.
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I really like this palette too. I love that you don't really look like you have makeup, even though you do. Plus, like you said, you can really play around with the colors.