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I would definitely fall for this one...too cute, lolz *Edit...OMG...I just realize that the guy in this pic is Choi Siwon from "Super Junior's - There's No Other Like You (No Other) music video...starts at the 0.15 mark...
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LADIES....i just edit this card and the guy in the card is actually Choi Si Won from Super Junior.... look at the mv i attached...lolz
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omg... we didnt even notice!! like yesterday.. i was reading an mtv blog... and i saw a pic of crying minho! i was like .." thats lee min ho.. the guy from the k drama" while my friend looked at me in despair..
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@cheerfulcallie ... do you see the smile he gives her after he's done ... <<squeee>> one of my fav video's of them
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lolzzzz ...:D ...cho cweet...
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very sweet X3
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