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Ever wonder what Butterbeer might have tasted like, or wanted to get your hands on a Krabby Patty from the world of Spongebob?
Now we can, and I'm SO excited about this!!! Meet Cookfiction, the site that includes a collection of recipes inspired by fiction, so that we can all enjoy those foods we only enjoyed through the words of our favorite books before.
Fictitious Dishes might not have been the literary food book I wanted it to be, and thankfully @greggr had warned me not to buy it. But Cookfiction is everything I need: You can browse the site by meal type (appetizer or side dish, for instance) or by category (books, TV shows or movies). You can even suggest a recipe if a meal from your favorite book isn’t featured on the site. And that's awesome!!!
Here's a few of my favorite recipes I came across on the site so far:

Butterbeer (from Harry Potter)

I have also tried the Butterbeer at universal, and didn't find it to be my favorite thing in the world (though it was delicious). This has a stronger butter and ale flavor, and I think it's more in line with what might have really been enjoyed at Hogwarts :)

Krabby Patty (from Spongebob Squarepants)

Krabby Patties are like the center of Bikini Bottom, so I was beyond tempted to create and try these delicious creations.

Ent-Draught (from Lord of the Rings)

I would have honestly NEVER thought to make this one, until I saw the recipe! Once I got the idea in my head that I could try the drink made by the Ents, well, then I needed to try it, too. It's basically just a really delicious tea. But like, really, really delicious.
If you can't find enough food fiction on this site to satisfy you, also give Food Through the Pages a look-there's a lot of delicious fiction-based food there!
What about Nectar and Ambrosia? From Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
@PercyJackson That would be awesome!! I wonder if she's added anything like it yet.
This is much better than that little book I tried out! Can't wait to see as it's updated with more.
@danidee I know, I love it!!! Imagine, you could make whole meals out of these! @redridergirl Yes!!! finally!!!
I'm obsessed with this idea???? This is seriously the most creative thing ever.
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