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Would a fox or a bear really let a model get this close to them without feeling threatened enough to react? I'm not sure.
What do you think? Are these images photoshopped, or did the photographer find some awesome animals to work with?
Ok, so, I totally know the answer!!
They're actually not photoshopped!! How insane is that?! This photographer, Katerina Plotnikova (born 1987), with the help of professional trainers and their animals, created these beautiful, beautiful photographs!
Every girl looks like the princess of some fantasy animal kingdom...I'm a bit jealous! I want to dress up and spend time with the animals like this, too.
I would have been to nervous to do any of this. That bear is huge!
@danidee I know!!!! I could NOT have gotten that close to it, trained or not!
That was beautiful, I would do it in a second!!!!