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A really thought-provoking new piece of street art has popped up that makes you answer the question: Would you take someone homeless in for the night to keep them off the streets?
Read this first. Can you relate to this feeling? Feeling afraid of someone else who might be able to cause you harm?
Now, read the full message, which can only be seen if you turn the corner and take a better look. There's another side to every story, and that's the point of this campaign. It asks: Why are you unwilling to take a look at the other side?
Here's another one. Flip the slide to see the second, full message!
It hits kind of hard, right? I know that I often feel like I want to help, but I'm not the right person to help. But when everyone feels that way, or at least claims to, who is actually helping those who could really benefit from just a night of kindness?
No one. Try taking on a new perspective, and giving others another chance.
@danidee Yes! I like that there seems to be a big initiative again--with Miley Cyrus' work, too!
I love this! I remember one of the things I really loved about Cory Monteith was all the charity work he did for homeless youth. This project reminds me of that.