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Astrophotography by Miloslav Druckmeller - Taken in Argentina, his photo caught the tail of Comet McNaught. (via APOD)
@rosaseb Well, there are at least 100 billion galaxies in the universe and each galaxy has solar systems of planets and stars. That leads to a number that we haven't even made up yet, because it's so vast. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that life doesn't exist in some way/shape or form out there. Also, I agree, I would also like them not to kill us. :P
@YinofYang @lackies2000 i wonder if alien does exist ... it would be awesome just to see them or meet them ... not get killed by them though lol
@lackies2000 Oh, I know. I reckon it would probably feel like being in a dream.
Amazing sight from down here. I can only imagine what it would be lke to go up there
@turtle03 @rosaseb I know! (>_<) I want to see stuff like this in real life. Lucky photographer.
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