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Well I don't just work out.....I WERK out because damnit I'm fabulous. So here's a playlist I'm using in the gym ATM.....I'm not big into cardio. I hit the weights pretty hard tho. Pretty apparent from my playlist. So without further ado. * Warning * some profanity in these songs....and a lot of general badassery. You have been warned.
Jessi, Cheetah (Unpretty Rapstars) ft Kangnam (M.I.B)__My Type Warm-up song y'all.... This song is just fun and the beats so clean....produced by Verbal Jint so of course the beat is hot. I love the lyrics....Lol side note Kangnam had a huge crush on Cheetah after he heard her rap. Kinda interesting and funny that he likes strong women....and doesn't mind a few swear words. 24K__Hey You I'M in love with this comeback song. I think it showcases them perfectly. In my opinion I think they can do bad all by themselves....no need for the two new members. And they are just wrecking my already wrecked bias list.....
Bobby__가드올리고 Bounce (Show Me The Money 3) Perfect for that first round of heavy lifting. You all know how much I love this kid. BIGONE (Daeil from 24K) ft Buggy__Big Shootin' I love the old school 90s hip hop feel to this beat and the pre chorus part by Buggy slays meeeee.....LAWWWWDDDDD I love it. Such a cool track.
Nochang x Vasco x Junggigo ft NO.MERCY__히읗 This is undoubtedly a jam....I'M obsessed. Perfect for the gym or wherever and whenever you wanna turn up the badassery. YGGR__Illionaire ft MC Meta Speaking of turning up the badassery.... SONG OF THE YEAR Y'ALL....well last year lol but whatever I love this track!
Giriboy, Mad Clown, JooYoung ft. NO.MERCY__0 (Young) GIF says it all....you heard the man. Get with it. Side note.... Giriboy is so damn cool. And Wonho....just stahhpp. T.O.P __Doom Dada Of course<3 King of my heart had to be on here. Keeping me motivated and ish. Helping me kill it.
Mino__I Am Him I mean could my playlist get any better?? In truth, yes, it can ȏ.̮ȏ Loco ft C Jamm & Jay Park__ We Up There 2 This beat tho....Shout out to Gray. And the boys kill on this track. I mean Loco uses Wingardium Leviosa in his verse.....like whuuuuutttt??? C Jamm ◑▂◑ I see you, boy. Mr. Park's verse......I cant even.....Its soooooooooooooooo good!
Freshboyz__Koala This is hot. Still no idea what the lyrics are but when it came out last year I fell in love and it's one of my favorites. Can't werk without this on my playlist. Swings__Bulldozer Duh!!!! I legit growl in the beginning with him. I can't help it.....I'm part beast.
Flowsik__The Calling We gotta take it down a couple notches after switching into beast mode with Swings..... BIGBANG__Still Alive I'm still alive.....Lol a necessity near the end of a workout to remind you to finish strong because you're not dead yet _(._.)_ San E ft MC GREE __ On Top Of Your Head Finishing up with this track because why not end it with this one for all the haters? This is the short version but the full track is better....it totally has you singing along by the end. Side note....GREE is Vasco's son and he's only 17 sooo yes legit baby face js.....
Lol totally what I say when I get outta the gym.....we being me and all the badasses featured on this playlist. Once again I'd like to thank my main fanman @MattK95 for tagging me....love doing these. And @nenegrint14 for the theme. Y'all bettah WERK!!!
@WiviDemol @jiggzy19 Git it, ladies! (-‿.◦) Lol I'm glad you enjoyed! @nenegrint14 spank youuu glad you liked it! @MattK95 HAH yesssss I think we need a healthy dose badassery every now and then. I knew if no one else appreciated this playlist you would (•̀ᴗ•́)و Fanman fighting!
You too???@MattK95 Thats why I was up so late too! I figured I better post it since I had my blood pumping and couldn't do anything else since the rest of the house was asleep.
there are a lot of songs here I've never heard of. this was great!!! thanks!
I'm completely in love with this list!!! I am totally gonna use this when I work out tomorrow! Thanks @PassTheSuga xo
This was great, you know I love me some badassery, from start to finish incredible!!! ^^ \(^0^)/
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