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Growing up, all of my dolls looked different from me. The standard of beauty was marked by very specific standard, which was mostly with blonde hair and light skin. That standard was plastered everywhere: in movies, dolls, magazines, and billboards. When I was given my first black Barbie doll, I remember feeling uneasy. I was a kid, and I couldn't understand or explain why I felt the way I felt. Maybe I felt the black Barbie doll couldn't live up to a standard of cool, beautiful, and fun.
Angelica Sweeting from Miami created The Angelica Doll, which was she was inspired to make by one of her daughters. Her daughter began to express a dislike toward her own features and hair. The doll was made to express that all girls are beautiful and to reflect a unique beauty standard.
The Angelica Doll has thick kinky hair, beautiful brown skin, and full lips. My favorite part: the doll’s hair can be be cut, styled, dried, twisted, and hair wanded.
Check out more about Angelica Sweeting's project here.
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