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Here's a graduation tip for the class of 2015 - Don't stress about what you wear instead spend time to style your hair. Besides receiving your diploma, graduation day is nothing but a photo-taking ceremony. You'll want to look nice in every iphone photo but dressing in the latest fashion trend is not the priority because you'll be covered with a gown anyways. So, in pictures the only thing that really matter is the hairstyle you rock under your graduation cap. @HairConfetti already covered the basic grad cap tips but I'm here to ensure that when you take off that cap and toss it in the air your hair doesn't look like a hot mess.
Take a look at the graduation-approved hairstyle borrowed from the runway.

Bombshell Waves

Curling irons are great but they can't create gorgeous barrel curls like hot rollers. This hairstyle is simple and won't leave you with a huge dent after taking off your cap.

A New Kind of Braid

Now is the time to try something new and let those who sit behind your envy your hair. Here's a fresh way to revamp your fishtail braid. Section your hair in three (with the middle section being the smallest). Braid as you normally would, taking tiny pieces from each alternating side and weaving them into a middle braid.

Side Swept Hair

You'll be surprise what switching your side parts can do to your hair. It gives your more volume to limp strands as seen on Tory Burch model above. Under a grad cap, the more volume the better.

Interesting Accent

Graduation hair don't have to be prim and proper. Adding an unexpected accent also looks great under your graduation cap.
That's it! Got any grad hair tips? Comment below!
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The fishtail braid is the best but I'm also love the side part hairstyle.