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This simple drink can effectively remove fat deposits from key spots in the body.
-8 glasses of water
-1 tbsp grated ginger root
-1 fresh cucumber peeled and cut.
-cut lemon pieces
-12 leaves of mint
Mix the ingredients in a jar a night before consumption and consume the following day. Repeat the process for 4 days for visible results.
This drink when paired with a controlled diet may result in a flat stomach without any starvation. With water being the base ingredient, this drink will help flush out fat deposits by boosting metabolism and causing no side-effects.
@PenelpeRamirez @abibrenes I usually grate my ginger root with a normal cheese grater, but I peel the brown skin off first. Either that or I've seen people literally slice ginger really really really thinly and use that to infuse the water instead. Either way, you'll still get the flavor and benefits of ginger root. :)
I'm wondering the same thing with the grated ginger? help?
I really hope it works. I feel like ive tried everything for a flat tummy. Can anyone please tell me how exactly the ginger thing works? Thanks!
my coach told me about this drink but I didn't try it , seeing it now on this app makes me wanna give it a try
I鈥檓 in love with adding yummy things to my basic water to change it up. Plus the added benefit of flushing out fan! I鈥檓 a fan.
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