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Required ingredients.
– 17 oz /½ liter of water
– 1 grapefruit
– 2 large carrots
– 1 cucumber
– 2 slices of ginger
– 5 mint leaves
The grapefruit, carrot and cucumber should be peeled and cut into slices. Put them in a blender and blend until you get a nice mixture, pour the water and add some ginger and blend once again. Add the mint leaves in the end.
The best time to drink this detoxification beverage is in the morning and prior to lunch, twice a day is enough.
What makes this drink exceptional and powerful cleanser are its components, each of which has extraordinary effects.
Carrots abound with fiber and beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that becomes vitamin A in the human body. It has favorable action for the digestive tract and relieves costiveness.
Grapefruit refreshes and cleans the body. It if frequently used in all sorts of drinks and cocktails, it contains a lot of vitamin C, breaks down fat and converts it into energy.
Cucumbers make you feel full because of their high fiber content. They are a natural diuretic, they mitigate bloating problems and they eliminate toxins.
Mint is known for its positive effects on the digestive system, it soothes and relaxes the stomach.
gonna use this recipe!!
I like the idea of this drink but I can't eat grapefruit while taking a Statin for high cholesterol; can't eat carrots or cucumbers with allergies. Any other interchangeable substitutes for the detox drink?
I had no idea that cucumbers were such a great source of fiber. They're probably one of the easiest vegetables to eat! Perfect detox snack.