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For all those who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome like me and wish to have an alternative version of the ending, I bring to you "Orange Marmalade: Look At Me". It's a fan fiction from Han Shi Hoo's POV (a kind of spinoff) in which he gets the chance to end up with our lovely Baek Ma Ri.

Prologue: Food Chain

Humans think so highly of themselves, as if they are really at the top of the food chain. But let’s be honest, you take their little toys and they are at loss. You take their clothes, their weapons or anything they are used to and they are basically doomed. They are weak, hopeless and can’t stand on their own. Make a human and a lion face each other. No guns or shields. Animal against human. And see who wins.
So, who’s really at the top of the food chain?
And these same humans dare to think of us vampires as something wrong in the world and that we should be eradicated. This is where I laugh the most. We vampires are superior in every aspect! Yet we have to hide, try to assimilate ourselves into an outdated species, simply because humans have all their little toys to attack us and we are severely outnumbered. We have to give up on our superior nature for an excuse of coexistence when we should be ruling them. Their arrogance makes them forget that, in a fair fight, they are below us.
I have never felt ashamed of who I am and I have never doubted where I stand; however, I have been pushed down and forced to live in a way that I can only describe as pitiful and unfitting. I have to follow rules that are unfair and frustrating, having to move from one place to the next, changing identity and trying to "be human." What a joke.
There are other vampires that have bought that crap of coexistence and actually hide their true nature, pretending to be humans and suppressing their natural instincts. I would normally label them as idiots for letting humans step on them. I can’t fight all these stupid rules on my own, but if all vampires stopped hiding and remembered we belong at the top, then maybe we could go to the place we deserve and humans would learn where they belong.
And now, once again, I’m forced to just pretend and hide who I am. I’m forced to go to school and follow all these absurd rules because I spoke my mind. Am I so wrong? Aren’t I speaking for every endangered specie on this planet? Why am I being punished for thinking like this? I mean, if we are going to make sacrifices then it is only fair humans also make them, right? But do they? No. Instead, they report us, treat us as monsters and isolate us, forcing us to go and hide.
Aish, it’s so frustrating!
But there is a perk in this new situation I was thrown in, and it’s her. I didn’t think I could find her in the same school I have to transfer to. I didn’t think we would meet again. It was certainly a nice surprise to run into her.
I knew immediately it was her. I couldn’t even have mistaken her for anyone else. I felt it in every part of me it was her. Baek Ma Ri. She certainly makes coming to school every day at least worth it, even if she is one of those stupid type of vampires.
Somehow, I think it’s cute on her. How she is trying so hard to "be human." She is careful and she thinks of every detail, but no matter what she can’t hide what she really is. Even if the other kids don’t know it, I think they feel it at some point. They feel the threat of a predator nearby, even if said predator wouldn’t even harm them, the predator can and that scares them and they attack before they are even threatened.
These humans… these kids are trying to make her an outcast and she is letting them. That is not something I can stand. I won’t just stand still and let other weak and pathetic humans make her have a bad time. If there’s a real reason why I’m in this school then she is the reason. That is what I’ll believe.
Humans will never accept us. We will never truly coexist so I won’t even try. I’ll follow the rules because there are things I need from VCS and the only way to get them is by playing by their rules. I will do that for now. But that does not mean I want to live peacefully with humans. I don’t have that delusion, but she has it.
She should know better already. Humans are nothing but backstabbers. She knows it already, I don’t get why she is still trying. She needs to accept vampires belong with vampires, not with humans. They might say they accept her and even call her a friend, but in their hearts they know they can’t really accept her because she’s different. No matter how much she pretends, she can’t be human. No matter how hard she tries or how good intentions some humans might have, they can never fully understand her. Humans and vampires are different species, no matter how similar we look.
I’ll stay by her side until she gives up on pretending to be a human. I’ll help her. It’s not like I have anything better to do in this school and at least this gives me something to spend my time in so it’s not that bad. Eventually she’ll realise she’s just wasting her time and will embrace what she really is. And I’ll be there when she realises.