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Sweater wrapped around the waist has never been so fashionable. I remember the reason someone would tie up that extra layer is 1) they need to hide a stain 2) they don't want to hold on to their sweater. Fast forward to the 21st century, wrapped-around-sweater is making a major moment. From chambray button downs to cotton sweaters, there's no reason to not love the laissez-faire style. Ready to try upgrade your wrapped-around-sweater look? Learn from the fashion trendsetters.
Matching up unexpected pieces such as bright flannel and mesh top crop can fuse together two different styles - preppy country girl. (Photo Credit: Instagram/megs_legs)
Boxy dress can be on the shapeless side, instead of adding a belt reach for your favorite sweater for a low-key vibe. (Photo credit: Instagram/xjamiebn)
The ultimate no fuss style combo - A simple shift dress and a sporty pullover wrapped around the waist. (Photo credit: Instagram/michelletakeaim)
Have a little fun with your monochromatic ensemble by adding a contrasting chambray button down. It's a quick transitional piece that'll keep you cover from day to night. (Photo credit: Instagram/sincereleyjules).
The perfect summer ensemble is none other than a flirty flock and a waist-cinching-top. (Photo credit: Instagram/the_salty_blonde)
What do you think about the wrapped-around-sweater style? Would you wear it?
ofcourse I will its fun nd I love it :) <3
This brings back so much memories. I used to love layering a white tee under a denim jacket with gingham shirt tied around my waist.
During high school I always wore my sweater like this. Especially when it's 6th period tennis practice.
This might be the only fashion trend I can keep up with and it doesn't even cost a dime to try.