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Tickets for the awards show will be made available on sale where it will be priced at RM688 and RM999 for both days (2 different categories/tiers). Tickets can be purchased at from 9 December 2012 onwards. MSN POPULARITY VOTE AWARD Voting Schedule : MSN Popularity Vote is scheduled from 17th December 2012 till 7th January 2013. Categories : MSN Southeast Asia Award and MSN International Award Online via MSN portals: Malaysia: Singapore: Indonesia: Thailand: Philippines: Taiwan: Hong Kong: China: Japan: Award Categories : Disk Album : Grand Prize in Disk Album Disk Album of The Year Song : Grand Prize in Song of The Year Song of The Year Popularity Award : The Most Popular K-POP Star MSN Southeast Asia Award MSN International Award Special Field : New Rising K-POP Star Award Best Hip Hop Award Single Album of The Year Nominees: Disk Album Of The Year : 4 Minute (Volume Up) B1A4 (The B1A4) Beast (Midnight Sun) BIGBANG (Alive) Busker Busker (Busker Busker 1st Album) CNBlue (Ear Fun) EXO (MAMA) F(x) (Electric Shock ) FT Island (Grown-Up) G-Dragon (One of A Kind) Girl’s Generation-TTS (Twinkle) Infinite (Infinitize) Jay Park (New Breed) KARA (Pandora) MBlaq (Blaq Ver.) Psy [Psy 6 (Six Rules)] SHINee (Sherlock) Shinhwa (The Return) Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single) T-ara (Funky Town) TVXQ (Catch Me) Jang Woo Young (23, Male, Single) Song of The Year : 2AM (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) 2NE1 (I Love You) Ailee (Heaven) Busker Busker (Cherry Blossom Ending) Dynamic Duo (Without You) f(x) (Electric Shock) FT Island (Severely) Girl’s Generation – TTS (Twinkle) IU (Every End of the Day) JUNIEL (illa illa) K.will (I Need You) miss A (Touch) Psy (GangNam Style) Secret (Poison) Sistar (Alone) T-ara (Lovey Dovey) Wonder Girls (Like This) Baek Ji Young (Voice) BIGBANG (Fantastic Baby) Hyuna & Hyun Seung (Trouble Maker) G-Dragon (Crayon) New Rising K-pop Star Award : Ailee (Heaven) B.A.P (Warrior) Block B (Nanrina) Busker Busker (Cherry Blossom Ending) EXO (MAMA) John Park (Falling) JUNIEL (illa illa) Nu’est (Face) Ulala Session (Beautiful Night) Lee HI (1,2,3,4) Single Album Of The Year : After School (After School 5th Maxi-Single) B.A.P (Warrior) Nu’est (Face) Teen Top (It’s) Ulala Session (Ulala Session part 1) Best Hip Hop Award : Epik High (UP) Verbal Jint (You Deserve Better) Dynamic Duo (Without You) Leessang (My Love) MSN Southeast Asia Award/The Most Popular K-POP Star Award/MSN International Award 1.4minute-Volume Up 2.B1A4-1st THE B1A4Ⅰ (IGNITION) 3.Beast-Midnight Sun 4.BIG BANG-ALIVE 5.Busker Busker-Busker Busker the 1st official Album 6.CNBLUE-3rd Mini Album Ear Fun 7.EXO-`MAMA` EXO-M The 1st Mini Album 8.f(x)-`Electric Shock` The 2nd Mini Album 9.F.T Island-Grown-Up 10.G-Dragon-One Of A Kind 11.GIRLS` GENERATION-TTS -`Twinkle` Mini Album 12.Infinite-Infinitize 13.JAY, PARK-New Breed 14.KARA-Pandora 15.MBLAQ-MBLAQ 4th Mini Album ‘BLAQ%Ver.’ 16.Psy-PSY 6th album part.1 17.SHINee-`Sherlock` SHINee The 4th Mini Album 18.SHINHWA-the 10th album The Return 19.Super Junior-Sexy, Free & Single 20.T-ara-Funky Town (EP) 21.TVXQ-Catch Me 22.Jang, Woo Young-23, Male, Single 23.2AM-F.Scott Fitzgerald`s Way Of Love 24.2NE1-I Love You 25.Ailee-Heaven 26.Dynamic Duo-DYNAMICDUO 6th DIGILOG 2/2 27.IU-Spring of a Twenty Year Old 28.JUNIEL-My First June 29.K.Will-I Need You 30.miss A-Touch 31.Secret-POISON 32.Sistar-ALONE 33.Wonder Girls-Wonder Party 34.Hyuna, Hyun Seung-Trouble Maker 35.B.A.P-WARRIOR (Single) 36.Block B-Welcome To The BLOCK 37.John Park-Knock (EP) / Falling 38.Nu’est-Face (Single) 39.Ulala Session-ULALA SENSATION Part 1 40.Lee HI-1,2,3,4 41.After School-AFTERSCHOOL 5th Maxi-Single 42.Teen Top-It`s 43.Epik High-UP 44.Verbal Jint-You Deserve Better(Beautiful enoungh) 45.Dynamic Duo-Without You 46.Leessang-My Love 47.Baek, Ji Young-Voice