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Recently my cats have taken to copying Miley Cyrus by randomly sticking their tongues out.

They see me coming with a camera and it's all MTV Music Awards time - they stick their tongues out and act all Miley on me.
They are such posers!
I'm like, "Wow - so original guys. I wonder what TV channel you've been watching while I'm off at work."
I have to say it - but Miley is a big negative influence on my cats. They just think the tongue thing is so cool.
And I guess the next thing to do with your tongue once you've got it out is lick yourself. Or the wall... or the floor...
Or. EWWEEH!!!!! Nasty!
Yep. I'm hiding the TV remote from now on.
This is too funny! Love it!
How many cats do you have? Three?
I have 4. two sets of siblings... sort of. the Siamese and the Tabby with the white chest are sisters. The Bengal and the black Maine Coon have been together since they were small kittens... and so I adopted them together. The girls are 5 years old. I rescued them when they were 6 weeks old. The boys will be 2 in November. I've had them a little over a year now. I'd be like Sheldon Cooper and have 20 if I could. :D.
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