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What if you have a Taylor or Blake sitting on your gorgeous white plate?
I recently discovered this amazing food artist, Marie, and she's my inspiration at the moment. You know I love food styling but she takes it too the next level by sculpting and layering food that resembles famous faces. Pretty impressive right? I think I need to take a break from my bento box styling and take some lessons from this lady.

Here's a guessing game:

Try to name these famous faces! Answer will be revealed through the comments tomorrow! P.S. Don't cheat and look through her instagram for hints. ;)
1. Taylor 2. Harry Potter 3. Minion 4. No idea
Is the minion made of blueberries, chocolate, and kix cereal?
The minion is so cute! Where's @caricakes? She'd be obsessed with this.
Here's the answer! 1) Taylor 2) Harry Potter 3) Minion 4) Blake Lively.