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I dont know why people hate on him many kpop fans want their favorite kpop artist to make in the western side but they dont want the western to make it in the kpop. People can be rasict The best cover for sure.
No I don't hate him either, I'm just not a big fan of his covers personally
Hahaha I met him a few months ago. I don't HATE the guy, but I get a little cringey when he uses a lot of Korean because he makes kind of awkward puns.
I've never heard of him or any of these guys but that was a pretty good cover. Obviously prefer the original though (; But if people can like this that would definitely bring some attention to the original <3
I think this is a great cover wowww I don't understand y ppl hate him 2 he is definitely good just what I think I don't follow him much but do get stuck smtms with his cover videos nd I do like some of them I actually how he adds his own story nd lyrics not copying the actual song I think he is really good not the best but he is surely improving a lot I hope more ppl will realize it nd stop the hate anyways fighting Chad don't give up @Ambie thanks sooo much for sharing this cover I definitely like it have a nice day girl : )
I think this was a pretty good cover. Idk how I feel about the guy dancing but other than that it was ok