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I feel that it's time to ask ourselves this question. :) So, who do you love more? @neaa @Reyam @chaileeminho @LMHISPERFECT and all Lee Min Ho Lovers & Song Joong Ki Lovers, Hope you guys are ready!!! :) Don't forget to check these out too! * Why do you like Song Joong Ki : * Why do you like Lee Min Ho :
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ii love more LEE MIN HO
4 years ago·Reply
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...Lee min ho is more handsome to the both of them.
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the 1 and only LEE MIN HO
4 years ago·Reply
SONG JONG SI <3 <3 i like lee min hoo in boys over flower...but i will must say song jong si is tooooooooooo much cute and handsome....i love him tooooo much in the innocent man.....and acting wise he is also better than him
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