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So, I am bad when it comes to me trying to come up with my next drawing or painting. But I have recently found a book that clears my mind and sparks my creative thinking. A coloring book. Secret Garden Postcard book and Magic Garden. The detail in these book just takes your mind off everything. It is not just your basic coloring book. I highly recommend these if you haven't already got them. Oh, I even say get the full book Secret Garden and the Enchanted Forest. Both by Johanna Basford. Let me know what you think of this?? What are other things you guys do to clear your mind?? How do you focus on your next work?? This is a Great Idea!! Be Happy, Be an Artist Ariel Rivera
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A few friends I know color to de-stress. As for me taking a warm bath helps me clear my mind.
there are times that I cant sleep without drawing anything. that includes coloring too I always get my eyebags out of that habit.. like rolling out of bed to draw at 2am.. ughh
@mayday75 That's always a great way to relax!! @GWeeN It's great to use for training. I'm sometimes like that too when it comes to drawing. I usually wake up from bed randomly with an idea. Thanks Guys for your comments by the way😁!! You're Awesome!! 👍👍
I just grab some crayons and a coloring book from Walmart and I'm good
I need to get one of these, I love the idea! I haven't tried anything that intricate before.