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Proof that with a tent, some imagination, and a talented event professional, you can get that perfect wedding you've been searching high and low for. It's super convenient because it presents a blank slate where you can do virtually anything you want.
In this Colin Cowie picture, you can see how the tent was transformed into an outdoor-indoor space that evoked the enchantment of an overrun Irish cathedral with blooms. With so many diy home-improvement options out there, it's really easy to find items that give the illusion you're looking for. This stone pathway is made of textured vinyl. And did you know that you could outfit your entire wedding with Home Depot potted foliage--and return it, less 10%! That's better than renting the plants.
If you're thinking that a tent requires a lot of room, you're right. But don't overlook your pool and deck space. Tents and platforms can be built over your water features and can make for a stunning effect through underwater lighting.