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No one is more in love with this concept, color scheme, and spunky vibe! However, my dears, there's a glaring problem with the tablescape centerpiece. I sorta gave it away in the title of this card.
I'm a bit dismayed how this gorgeous tablescape succumbed to breaking one of the cardinal rules for centerpiece design. Concept aside, when you put a centerpiece together it has to give a clearance of eyesight across the table so that your guests can talk freely without feeling claustrophobic, cut out of the conversation, or worse. No one should be craning their neck to hear or see who's talking. Also, don't put your guests in an awkward position where they have to physically move your centerpiece. NOT COOL!
This is going in my Reception Mistakes to Avoid Collection. Have you seen all the other cards with helpful advice? Check it out.
Yes. It's a statement piece, which needs to get off the dining table and onto the sidelines. Exactly.
Great collection idea - I'm sure tons of people don't bother considering other peoples' mistakes when planning their reception. I would solve this problem by sticking this beautiful decoration on the sidelines! Maybe near the buffet or the bar?