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I say wedding showers because it's something tangible and easy to most brides. But when you are putting together a wedding event--that is not the actual wedding--then you want to put together a tablescape that is fresh, easy and uncluttered. That's the trick to keeping a tablescape fresh and easy--no clutter!
The design here used a lot of clear elements: acrylic table, glass table top, crystal glasses and stemware. The pop of color comes from bold tablescape pieces such as the glazed Chinese earthenware and monochromatic florals. Easily fit for a pre or post wedding event, the look is simple and doesn't overdo anything.
There are no table suitings with the exception of the cotton napkin. And please, when you have napkins, make sure they're 100% cotton! Trust me! No one wants a poly nap smearing food across their face. The cotton fabric lifts--it doesn't smear. Hotel napkins are more and more cotton and measure 20" x 20." I tell you this so that you can get your napkins made if need be.