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Attention, all vegans, travelers, and @vegantraveler! VegVisits, the coolest new website for vegetarians, has officially launched and will undoubtedly be revolutionizing how vegans and vegetarians travel.
Inspired by AirBNB, founders Linsey and Nick Minnella decided it was time for a lodging site that introduced vegan/vegetarian travelers to vegan/vegetarian hosts in their desired travel destination. This way, travelers can have the same exact experience as anyone who uses AirBNB, except lodging with a vegan/vegetarian host pairs them with a meat-free kitchen to use and a likeminded new friend who can offer them insider recommendations regarding local vegetarian-friendly cafes, restaurants, and other points of interest.
Currently, VegVisits is still in their early stages, but you can access their waiting list and register as a traveler, host, or even both on their official website.
Pretty cool idea--not only hooking peopel up with cool places to stay, but linking it to a big part of their lives! It's be cool to see like an airbnb for artists, writers, etc. so you can always connect over something that shapes your life so much
@onesmile I love that too. I hope this becomes popular because it's already difficult enough to travel on a vegan diet!