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#TWINNING! Rumer Willis & Demi Moore Strike a Mother-Daughter Pose

Current "DWTS" champion Rumer Willis 'broke' Instagram yesterday with a mother-daughter photo that truly earned a double-take.

The picture shows the mother and daughter looking bizarrely similar, wearing matching black jumpsuits, and black-rimmed glasses, both with their long, black hair.

Rumer captioned the photo: "That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother. #twinning #imnotmad"

I never really thought Rumer - daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore - looked particularly like one parent or the other until this picture was taken. Now it's pretty obvious - Demi and Rumer look a whole lot alike!
crazy. but Demi is defying this conundrum called age!
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@marshalledgar It's because she spent many years consuming Ashton Kutcher's youthful essence Hocus Pocus style. ;)
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