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Real Name: Woo Jiseok
Stage Name: Taewoon - Woo Taewoon
Position: Leader/Rapper
Nicknames: Woo Leader - Woori Leader Woo Leader (Our Leader, Woo Leader)
Date of Birth: May 11, 1990
Age: 25
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Astrological sign: Taurus
Blood Type: B
Height: 184 cm - 6' (@jiggzy19 for reference that's almost as tall as me)
Weight: 70 kg - 154.3 lbs - 11 stone


Taewoon is Zico's (of Block B) older brother.
He is set to appear as a contestant on this years SMTM4, (Show Me The Money 4) where Zico is apparently going to be judging... awkward XD
He left SPEED in early 2015 when it was announced that he would be joining SMTM4 (Show Me The Money 4) as the beginning of his solo career.
Taewoon is a member of the Royal Class Crew (a Hip-Hop Crew).
He disliked it when his members would borrow and wear his clothes.
He composed all the songs on the album SPEED Circus.


Basketball, watching movies, composing, listening to music, Japanese, painting, and writing lyrics.

Social Media:

Instagram - bkgo123
Twitter - bkgo123
On January 9th Taewoon released his mixtape "Doin' A Free Fall"
Which you can download for free, if you are interested, by clicking >> here <<
Don't worry it's legal (Koreaboo provided the link), you will just need a program that can open "egg" files
I used this free 30 day trail of ALZip which you can get by clicking >>here<<
I found it worked really well, I wouldn't try using this on a mobile device though, only on a computer :D
Here are a couple of his solo songs from his mixtape which I love ^^ :D
@PassTheSuga @danidee I'm interested in your thoughts on these songs :D

Woo Taewoon - Blind

Woo Taewoon - I've Got A Wing

For more info on SPEED click >>here<< ^^
Credit to the owners of these photos and videos :D
Taewoon was my bias! Sad he left SPEED!
@PassTheSuga me too!!! I've seriously had his mixtape on repeat since I downloaded it ^^ I love pretty much every song :)
@MattK95 I downloaded the mixtape. Ive been listening to it all day and I'm in love with I've Got A Wing. The build thru the song is what gets me....and that hook<3 His flow in the beginning is just ヽ(^。^)ノ's impressive how he changed it up and managed to stay in the pocket before the bass dropped. And lyrically I was really digging Blind.....totally relatable and honest.
april 11 comes under d starscope Aries n not Taurus.
I've Got A Wing sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing (:
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