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Japanese Illustrator, Maori Sakai, takes the simple, everyday moments of life and creates beautiful, animated GIFs of them.
To view more check out www.maorisakai.com
These are some of the most wonderful and interesting illustrations I have ever seen. The small hint of movement within each picture creates a very different kind of artwork. I love every single one of these pieces. They are all just so Charming!
@whissy44 Thanks for sharing these illustrations! My favorite one is probably the 3rd gif.
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I'm inspired. I want to learn how to do this!
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@stargaze That one is my favorite too! @maymay75 right?! it is such a cool idea!
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I love these. I like the one with the pour over coffee the best.
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I don't know why, but something about the boy on the bike calls to me. Maybe because it reminds me of a manga or something. Either way, they're all beautiful.
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