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The impatient side of me says, head to Etsy and buy these. But the practical, cost-savings side of me says DO IT YOURSELF! Which is what I plan to do. I am IN LOVE with these adorable shabby chic mason jars in muted pastels. It's got my Tiffany Blue color that I obsess over and a million other colors if I choose.


Mason Jars
Folk Art Home Decor Ultra Matte Chalk Paint
Paint brush & Wax brush (usually sold as a set)
Sanding block (120-150 grit)
Paper towels
Rubbing alcohol (to clean mason jars)
Sealant (clear wax)


1. Clean jars with alcohol.
2. Apply 2 coats of chalk paint with paint brush.
3. Let dry overnight completely.
4. Distress the jars with sanding block.
5. Wipe jars down.
6. Using waxing brush, seal the jars with wax sealant in a matte finish--nothing glossy
Mason Jars are so versatile!
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This looks like something my sister would LOVE.
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I hope she loves this and puts it together. :)
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