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Lamikk bridal is enchantment from another era gone by. Incredible lace fabric on these wedding dresses will leave you gasping for air! Before today I admit, I had never heard of Lamiik. But it was Bride Story that did a stunning feature of these Secret Garden dresses that caught my eye. Lamiik is the premier Indonesian bridal dress destination spot. I liken it to a Kleinfeld in New York.
That pleated tulle train is giving me life!
I can't imagine a more feminine look as this sweetheart neckline matches perfectly with this three-tier lace ball gown.
Are you seeing that train?!?!
How can so much fabric look so effortless and elegant? Lamiik is slaying me with this collection.
What an epic type of photograph you could have done of you in this dress!
If you're not set on any particular wedding dress, silhouette or designer, then I want to encourage you to view my Designer Bridal Gowns Collection. It covers everything from classic designs to the avant garde. If there's a designer you'd like to see featured on Vingle, please let me know.
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These are beautiful! Makes me just want to wear one even if I am single! Thanks for sharing!
@redridergirl That's exactly what I deal with almost everyday as a wedding planner. I'm tempted to slip on and try every wedding dress in front of my eyes.
These are seriously such romantic fairytale style dresses. Totally my style.
Are you about to tie the knot @danidee
Someday my prince will come.