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Purple is the last color I'd pick--for anything. Balk if you must, but it's that part of the color spectrum that I typically stay far away from. I am sharing this amazing Brachetto Wedding photo with you because if this can move me and steer me into loving purple, then I imagine that this would be a perfect springboard to fuel your imagination for your wedding reception.
@NixonWoman has talked a lot about the rules of using mirrors on a table and how to incorporate mirror finishes, which you can read about here. In the meantime, the table you see here is an actual mirror--not just a mirrored finish. The Napoleon chairs are clear acrylic! Mixing in the white flowers and the reflective properties of the table and table elements takes the limited lavender colors and instantly washes the reception in a delicate shade of lavender.
So, if like me, you can't stand purple, this could be a great way to bring that color into focus without making everything in the reception that color. It's like an essence of color. I love that!
I can't even believe you don't like purple....
Well thank you. If you see anything missing from the Weddings Community here, let me know so I can post. Feel free to share your wedding ideas too.
@marshalledgar I agree! purple isn't just my favorite color, it's part of my life lol. I love all shades of purple, especially lavender which is what prompted me to like this photo
@kittyvixen, you made me laugh. lol Yeah, purple and I never really connected. haha But this lavender wedding scheme is really awesome!