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The Knicks let him walk. New York was up in arms against Knicks management, but was it the right decision? Here is what an experienced NBA scout said on the matter: Eastern Conference NBA scout: "He's kind of settling into what he really is. On an average team, he can be a starter. On a good team, he's going to have to be a backup. "He's still not a great shooter and I don't know if that will ever change. He'll absolutely work at it, but he's got a flawed jump shot that's ingrained in him. And he's still a right-hand dominant player who has a tough time going left and finishing to his left and makes questionable decisions going left. "My other concern would be (James) Harden. There's no question Harden takes the (burden of the) spotlight off Jeremy, but that means Jeremy has to play off the ball when they're out there together. That's not his strength." source: ESPN
J Lin. Definitely a STUD
haha. Yea, Tyreke has/had potential to be on a top-tier level, but I guess his shooting form is just unfixable or that he just hasn't worked hard enough like D. Rose. Btw, with Harden out, (meaning his #1 option removed) Lin blew up for 38 pts today against the Spurs.
I agree on your last point bout Tyreke. Its sad to think that Tyreke couldve been a superstar had it not been for the fact that he can't shoot for his life
Yea, I understand that. Which is why I said, if not for jumpers, be more aggressive as a scorer. I remember him as a Knick always driving to the hoop, but watching his Rocket games, defenders know that. It's like the Tyreke Evans dilemma, where he's primarily a driver, but he can shoot better than Tyreke. He needs to diversify his attack so the defender doesn't know what he'll do.
Dude if you look at the majority of his shots with the Knicks and compare his field goal % by ranges you will see just how he relied heavily on rolling to the basket to get his points. He has never been a good shooter. I agree he needs more shots but not jump shots
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