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While her sisters bared all to raise awareness of animal cruelty, Kim Kardashian wannabe, Kylie Jenner, is on a mission of her own, though, because she's still under 18, only the essential pornographic parts of her body are covered.
The cause, you ask, as if you really cared! She wants to bring awareness to and question the purpose for those pesky chem trails you see in the sky.
In a tweet posted just yesterday, the silver spoon teen prepares her Miss Universe monologue rife with questions and an F-Bomb. In what appears to be lines of coke in the sky, the Chyna-hater narrowly brings up a good point however; WHO is ultimately responsible for this?
She may want to call in to Coast To Coast AM with George Noory to discuss this and other anomalies like the 27th alphabet letter and the mysterious truth about Egyptian pyramids as power plants!
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HAHA LINES OF COKE IN THE SKY. I'm never going to look at 'chemtrails' the same way again.