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Conjoined by black sabath fashion and dual human geometry that spells 666, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have fiendishly removed themselves from the laugh tracks and air guitar cheese of Fuller House, which was to be Netflix's next reunion show. While it appeared that John Stamos' self-mutilation and public pleas for including BOTH twins to appear on the show were making an impact, we know now that it was all in vain.
Neither of the Luciferian sisters will be involved with the production. For now, the last-seen-before-a-Hollywood-overdose duo will be hiding their pentagram rituals in plain sight, far from a television studio, yet just a photograph away from the red carpet.
Should we mourn their absence because they will be missing or because someone else, who had nothing to do with the original Full House will be trying to fit in with the gang? Thoughts?