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My tomato plant has beyond grown ! Has already surpassed my mother's height. Seeing it grow ia ao fun but can be hard working to find sticks so the the stems can lean on . Having such a tall tomato I finally realized my old mop stick will do the trick . TADA the tomatoe is happy, Im happy & my mom is happy to have had a purpose for keeping that stick (:
yes it already has tomatoes and several branches !!!
That's a smart move! I always avoid growing long plants because I know it will outgrow the stick but I guess there is a way to keep it together.
dont you cut the branches off? I had this verity called beef steaks and they grew to like 4-5m the only problem is birds love to pick at them and pests can also be a problem. Tomato plants are easy to grow from cuttings if you want more plants. looks like a nice healthy plant! I hope that you get a good crop.
@iluvdurian31 definitely , my tomatoes already begin blooming