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"If there was no grief in our life, it would not be better, it would be worse. Because then there would be ... neither happiness, nor hope. That’s it." Andrei Tarkovsky, This made me think about happiness and unhappiness again. In order to be happier, I need to suffer more. But, how can I suffer deliberately, to be happier? Searching for happiness brings more grief. More grief brings more hope for happiness. I am addicted to the hope of happiness. I want to search for happiness, because in deep I know; if I find the happiness, it will bring more grief. I just want to be the hunter. I don't really want the hunt. I am not sure if I can catch that hunt again. However, if I continue hunting, and if I can content myself with the pleasure of hunting, then I can be happy forever. I don't need the hunt, I just need hunting.
Here is a quote for ya: "You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." Albert Camus
I also like the idea of just searching, searching, searching. but I don't need to reach the prize, really, unless it will always be replaced with something else to search for.
:) for you!
@missophiestik in real life situation, i am searching for happiness for the last 16 months. I traveled so many countries, now I am in Brazil, and still searching. I am not talking about searching and finding it. I found happines in so many different places, situations and people, but I continue searching. I don't think there is only one way of happiness. I am not interested in what happiness consist of, on the contrary I am searching for the happiness itself. and the meaning of life! I really don't care, I have maybe more 30 years in this life, and being happy in all possible ways is kore important for me. It doesn't matter how it comes, it is welcomed in any way. :)