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The masked idol concept, as they're calling it, is really cool. Totally different.....don't think I've seen that concept used before. The marionette style dance is hot. Like I am loving this choreography. Its looks too damn cool with the outfits and the masks. Its just well put together and thought out. I have not looked up the lyrics to this song but maybe it makes a parallel of some kind to the choreography and overall concept. Im digging the song itself...it's hella catchy. I like the breakdown in the middle....duhh it brings more edge to the song. I love how they revealed each member except one....uggghh they got me. I'm like dying to get the deets on these boys and find out what that 6th member looks like. Is this my favorite debut this year so far? I dunno....but they've definitely caught my eye. I'm curious about their album now. Pfffftttt....like I have room in my heart for any more groups T_T Just these boys are receiving some shade from Kpoppers accusing them of jacking VIXX's sound and concept.....saying the song sounds exactly like VOODOO DOLL and I'm pretty sure someone said GD's Heartbreaker. And the rapper sounds just like Ravi....and looks like Yongguk....blah blahhhh blahh.... The song....yeah it sounds like a lot of other songs out there and yes it has a VIXX type feel but I really think A6P has their own thing going on here. Similar sound but not plagiarized... same goes for their faces and the rapper's voice lol. But the concept, I feel, is original as is the choreography. I dunno exactly why it bothered me so much but I just hate to see these rookie groups getting torn to bits and picked apart when they've obviously worked their A$$ES off to even get the opportunity to share their talent with us. Its the game, yeah, and it's brutal but I don't hafta like it. A6P fighting ↖(^▽^)↗
Anywho, what did you all think of this debut? Starlights, weigh in on this one....offended? Interested in this group bc of their sound?
I read the text before I watched the M/V and honestly, coming from a Starlight, I didn't think that sounded like Voodoo Doll at all! I agree with you @PassTheSuga about how these groups are trying to put their name out there and all they get is hate. But the actual song and M/V is pretty darn great. The concept of the masks are so innovative!! I REALLY want to find out that last unmasked member. haha. xD Thanks for sharing about this group! :D
I love VIXX bland yeah these guys have a sort of VIXX feel to them, but that doesn't bother me, they sound awesome, and I'm happy to support both, good music is good music, and this is good music ^^
@MattK95 thanks for asking :D Honestly, I'm not really a fan of this song. It's okay, but it doesn't really make these guys stand out from all the other new idol groups (and there are a ton). As far as the comparisons to VIXX...the singing style and melody give me a vibe of Voodoo Doll with just a touch of Hyde during the dubstep and rap sections. Not enough to call it a ripoff, but enough to make me think their composers might have been "inspired" by VIXX's sound. Just my opinion.
@DancingPartyTme I know you're one of the Vingle Starlight family too, what did you think of this?
That was supposed to be 'and' not 'bland' Lol
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