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Cheese and crackers, children..... the 13 member group so cleverly named Seventeen debuted live on Show Champion yesterday with two songs: Shining Diamond and Adore You. And I must say, I'm appreciating this debut. First of all, come on, there are 13 good looking boys in this group. Second, the songs are catchy and fun and poppy. The production is clean. Third, their performance is fun to watch....they can do so many formations and transitions with 13 members. And it doesn't look like a herd of cattle moving to and fro because you can tell they've put in A TON of time training and working out the choreography. They just look like their having a great time. Kinda curious about when they'll release an MV now.... Now I dunno how....I'm gonna remember all these boys' names. I said that about EXO and I ended up studying them for two weeks.... But in case anyone's interested, https://pledisblaze.wordpress.com/profiles/seventeen-profile/ and may the force be with you ~(*+﹏+*)~ What do y'all think of the boys so far?
Oooh alot of new teams I get confused this day to know them but in the same time I like everything new
Pretty impressive live performance... maybe I can attribute that to the fact I just saw a video of a terrible live Performance by Katy Perry, but I'm pretty sure they are just that talented XD
Liked "Adore U" better than the other song!!! They look promising! I am expecting awesome comebacks from them in the future~~ lol XD
Finally they debut. They are all cute and I adore them:-)
i love these adorable cutties hotties <3