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Ever had a hard time distinguishing who this actress/actor is from a movie? It makes sense if you're confused because some celebrity look alike. If this makes you feel better I still can't tell Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley apart. This is how I got started with this card. I wanted to place celebrities side-by-side to compare their features. Maybe it's the makeup or hair but some of them are shockingly similar. Ready to get your mind blown? Check out the photos I compiled!

Emily Osment and Carrie Underwood

Miley's side-kick from Hannah Montana grew up beautifully and sometimes I confuse her with singer Carrie Underwood. Both of them have blonde hair and wide eyes.

Dan Price and Sam Trammell

One of them is a Seattle CEO and the other is a heartthrob from popular T.V. series "True Blood". Both are charming and share a stubble jaw.

Tammi Terrell and Taraji P. Henson

I wouldn't be surprised if they were long-lost relatives but the truth is they are not related. What they have in common is their heart-shaped face and beautiful voice.

Kofi Annan and Morgan Freeman

Both are great actors but I can never tell these two apart in movies. Can you?

Isla Fisher and Amy Adams

Long lost twin? Maybe? I'm not the only who thinks they look identical. Don't even try to stare at them for more than 5 minutes because your brain is going to fry from confusion!

Kate Middleton and Lauren Conrad

The picture says it all. I don't even know where to begin. Both of them have gorgeous hair (all the time), beautiful eyes and contagious smile.
What do you think? Are you freaked out by some of the similarities?
I always forget Isla Fisher and Amy Adams aren't the same person. I thought that was just me!
Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton are both beautiful!
The last two are freakishly similar! It'll be interesting if the meet each other in real life.