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Heu Ladies!!! So, I'm on my fitness journey with this new program. It is a brand put together my Jennifer Lopez. It is built around the womens body vs. the mens. I can honetly say I have seen a lot of changes in my body. All Great!! I have more energy, positivity, and focus. I aslso, see changes in my body on the outside. I have lost 2Lb, before I began the #BeTheGirl program, just using a few of the products. I can only wait to see what I have lost on this offical program. I am excited and just so happy!! So to every women, if you're ready to #BeTheGirl I recommend #BodyLab or use the program that best fits you. ***************************************************************************Always look into them before you begin. Ask your doctor as well. They will be able to let you know what is healthy and right for your body. *************************************************************************** I will try to do my best to update my progress. But I can not promise anything lol. Everyone have a Great Day!! Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!! Ariel R.
It has a free fitness app that you download, that has different workout plans that fits you or what you want to do.
i think most important thing is not be the girl but "be the human" womens! u r so beautiful and charming lady already if u have self-esteem
I added some pictures of it.
Please keep updating. This is quite interesting. What kind of exercise does this program entails?
@BEAUTYgirlARIEL any updates?
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