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I am all about the big ole wedding cake for your sweet table. However, I am also all about cake pops as well. It's nothing for me to swing by a Starbucks and grab a salted caramel cake pop (or two), and dash to my next destination.
It's the most perfect size. What magic when you break through and shatter the icing and delve into the rich moist chocolate ganache cake! There's that immediate juxtaposition of sweet and savory that brings life and ecstasy to the palate. Absolutely, it's more than joy. It's like a brief spa treatment for the mouth, mind and body! I should know...
Whether or not you decide to make these yourself or simply buy them, the point here is that you serve them! With or without a standard tiered cake, is completely up to you. But if you do decide to make these yourself, here's a tumblr pic-tutorial that is almost too easy.
1. Bake a cake--any cake. Something from a box is fine.
2. Love that it doesn't have to be pretty from the pan because it gets crumpled in a bowl.
3. Add 2 cups of frosting--any frosting. Pillsbury has never done me wrong.
4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (for more than 10 seconds please!).
4. Roll into balls. Smaller than a golf ball, bigger than a marble. Whatever.
It's a good idea to set these in the fridge a bit to firm up. Usually, at this point, you realize that you've forgotten (whatever) to finish the damn recipe. If spitting nails is your go-to, then you know me and we should probably commiserate over a chilled bottle of Riesling.
Go to Michael's and buy cake pop sticks (you'll need about 50 for one box of cake) and white candy melts, and a hard piece of dry floral foam. You should already have some canola oil in your cupboard. If not, then get that too.
More directions:
1. Spy on the chilled cake pops and eat one...just to make sure it tastes good.
2. In a microwave-safe container, melt the candy melts and one tablespoon of canola oil together.
3. Without over-thinking it, dip stick tip into melted chocolate mixture, then poke into a rolled cake ball about 2/3 in, then dip the cake pop into melted chocolate mixture. Swirl gently and place stick into foam to set.
4. Do this to all of them, which will feel like a million by the 5th or 6th one.
5. Using the extra chocolate mixture as "glue", spoon a small bit to the tops of the cake pops and then sprinkle edible glitter over the pops.
When that's all done, and thank God it is when it is, you will need to eat a couple cake pops just to make sure that they taste good. And after all that hell work--they better taste good--maybe read a tabloid and chill on the patio with a high ball lemon drop.