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NERD ALERT! I remember back in tenth grade, being mesmerized by the hundreds of fonts when I was taking my journalism class with Mr. Thor. Yes--that was his name! Anyhow, I'd stare at the fonts, dreaming up fun words to spell with them. Fast forward a hundred years to 2010, which was when I watched Helvetica and just about lost my sh*t! That documentary will change your life!
Fonts on their own don't cost a lot, but who wants to pay for them to begin with? I don't! Thankfully, The Little Canopy has all 40 of these fonts available for free download for all your diy wedding printables. Because, remember, you will need invitations, menus, escort cards, programs, thank yous, et cetera.
Clicking on the links under the photos will bring you to where each of the 40 fonts are ready for you to download. Now that that's set, are you in the process of making the NUMBER 1 MISTAKE in printing your own invitations?! Best check here to avoid this before the tears and drama ensue.
Nice find! I have to play around with these font to create a greeting card for Father's Day.
great idea!!