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You've heard of the no makeup, makeup look. Similarly, the no wedding, wedding table pictured here is a stunning example of getting your reception to look spectacular without looking wedding-y. This isn't a card about disparaging wedding looks at all. I want you to be inspired by how dramatic and un-wedding like your table can be, yet utterly beautiful.
Clustered in groups, the florals seen in deep plum to fiery persimmon, range from callas to roses. It's a striking contrast of the shades of red against the black and white framed walls. Even from masculine sconces, flowers burst from the wall.
Keeping the colors dark, bold with little flourish in the design makes the effect more becoming of a grand gala without the flounce and embellishment of a wedding tablescape. You'll notice that tall and less abundant candles dot the table, whereas a traditional wedding tablescape would be covered in flickering votives.
@NixonWoman is a professional event producer. She has even more insight to the ins and outs of wedding tablescapes. I encourage you to visit her Table For 10 Collection on how to create magnificent tablescapes within budget.