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Is there such thing as a wedding dress that is too short, or possibly too weird? I shared avant garde wedding attire here that you may want to look at first. Looking at the photo above, it's obvious that the silhouette is contrary to the Amercian Bride. It's short with an enormous burst of tulle coming out of the back. Is it a cape? Is this a joke? What is going on here?
David Fielden's creations are short--above the knee and well above the knee. Depending on the bride these could be "perfect" and "exactly" what she's looking for. But I'm scratching my head over here because these just don't feel like wedding dresses. I don't say that because they're not ball gowns. I say it because these, in particular, look like off the rack finds. Something you'd discover at Forever 21.
Back in 2011 Marchesa brought out this little white number. And while it could easily read as a cocktail or prom dress, I really like this. I like the length and don't find it too daring or risque. The lack of jewels and emphasis on hair and makeup make this look more innocent and wedding-friendly. You'd have to be a confident bride to pull this off, however.
If you're still not convinced that short--above the knee--wedding dresses are appropriate, what do you think of these Valentino pieces? I love how the strappy flats elevate the short dress to something more BoHo and alternative. Add a veil and a bridal bouquet and this is ready for the aisle.
Just in case you're struggling with the short wedding dress concept and it losing it's femininity, grace and polish, you have to see these wedding-inspired Chanel outfits! Stunning isn't the word! And then share your view on whether or not a wedding dress can be too short.
Did you notice that I didn't include white leather mini skirts? Yeah, that was on purpose. While I am sure there is a bride out there that would love to wear--and look beautiful in--a pleather micro-mini, I am going to guess that 99.99% of women here would choose to avoid it on their wedding day. Correct me if I'm wrong! :)
The third dress from the second block is hideous. Not romantic at all and the head gear looks like a dried up gum ball.
The Valentino dress would look cute for a reception attire. It's too casual looking for the wedding ceremony.