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So i know a couple of you have helped me out with this a bit (@steezus @joeycorrao) but for everyone that doesnt know, im making boards now! My company is called Imprint Longboards:) its obviously small as of now but i feel like i can get it to grow a bit as i learn, as of now i have a few people that want decks. But anyways this will be the first deck i am coming out with, Will have wheel flares/wells, double kick, and the concave will be high with a slight W. Got my mold finished and ordered some good veneer and glue today so i will be making boards soon:) only can afford to make 5-6 right now, first one will be for testing, and second is a custom one for my mom. but the remaining ones will be for sell:) still working on prices and graphics but heres a rough draft on how it will look. wont be posting much about it on here so if you guys wanna see what im doing follow me on some social networks:P facebook: www. facebook.com/imprintboards instagram: @imprint_longboards
That's cool dude
They will be $90 a deck, if you need me to grip it price varies. Only will be able to sell a few decks as of now so first come first served, decks are not available yet but when they are, if you want a deck DM me on instagram @imprint_longboards they will sell quick so when I post about it (will probably be a video) make sure you send me a DM letting me know. Still waiting on wood but once it gets here I will make a test board and have the guys in my crew ride it a bit make sure i dont need to make any tweaks. See how strong it is upon impact and how much weight it can carry. After testing I will make the boards that I will be selling
Hey man, i would love to help you in any way i can. First, lets start with me buying on of em. Then lets go from there(; details on buying one??
You caught my interest
so it's going to be super stiff. nice
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