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Whether Kylie Jenner is or isn't pregnant really boils down to whether or not being pregnant is a boon to the Kardashian empire or not. For months the tabloids have been burning fossil fuels printing pregnancy rumors round the clock. And while many speculate that the minor has sex-taping for a bit, the ever-so-honest Kylie took to Twitter to squelch the nonsense.
Hmmm...now if only Kylie's truth tweets were more frequent and more real....
I think people should give her a break. They're like picking at her every move
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It'd only because of her lunatic mom
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I wish my Twitter picture was me on the cover of Teen Vogue too.
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hahaa that's great @beywatch. photoshop yourself in and do it. no one will know
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I'll have to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge first.
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